4 simple steps for a
perfect tan:

  • Fill in your personal profile.
  • Based on this, the program will make your unique photo-type, indicator of your skin sensitivity to sunlight.
  • The classification of skin by photo-types was developed by an American scientist in 1975.
  • Choose the tanning conditions – under the sun or in the solarium. From this depends the method of measurement.
  • Hold the camera phone to the area of the skin that you want to check.
  • Attach a white napkin beside. This is necessary for the proper white balance for accurate measurement.

After the measurement, the program will give you an exact result about the condition of your skin and also it will help to choose the optimal time for tanning.

  • In the calendar, you can track the status of your tan by day and month.
  • A comfortable color indication shows the average condition of the skin during the day.
  • In one click you can see all the measurements for a day, and you can look to the dynamics of Your tan.
  • Entering into the measurements will help you to view detailed information about the state of your skin.
  • At each measurement the location is stored, and you can always find out where you had the best tan
  • All data is stored in the cloud service, and you will always have access to them.
Functionality is available when purchasing

  • Buying you get a unique opportunity to save the history of all the measurements about condition of your skin.
  • You will exactly know the best time and the best place for a better and safer tan.
  • All data is stored in a secure cloud service and is available to you personally at any time, even after the end of the subscription!

Subscription cost:

Subscription for 1 month
Subscription for 3 months
Subscription for 6 months
Subscription for 12 months

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